Sheet Metal Forming, Tread Plates, Stair Parts, Chutes and Panels

At Miracle Welding Inc., our capabilities stretch far beyond just premium welding services. We also provide custom metal fabrications of all kinds, exemplified by the press brake forming projects illustrated below. Our strong reputation for excellence in quality at competitive prices drew the attention of a client in the overhead cranes industry. They required walkways to be constructed from 3/16" tread plates. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced personnel, we were an excellent match to take on the contract.

Our customer supplied all of the cut pieces of tread plate. We checked the dimensions of every workpiece prior to forming to ensure the process would proceed smoothly and accurately. We proceeded to form all parts of the walkways with the sheet metal our client provided, including stair parts, chutes, and oven panels, using our 200 ton, 13' press brake. To ensure our work would meet our customer's specifications and was of the best quality, we inspected each workpiece after every bend. We completed these parts, which measured 44" by 120", to precision tolerances of ± 1/16". Furthermore, the finalized workpieces were able to fit end-to-end without welding, saving time and money. Our customer was impressed with our results. We now form 200 of these walkways per month, with turnaround times (including delivery to Dayton, Ohio) averaging just 2-3 days after we receive the materials.

With our team of experienced press operators, we consistently deliver the finest quality available for projects such as these. To learn more or to find out how we can assist your specialized requirements, please contact us directly.

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Sheet Metal Forming Service Capabilities

Project Name & Description
Equipment Use to Manufacture Part
200 Ton x 13 ft. Press Brake
Overall Part Dimensions
44 x 120 in
Tightest Tolerances (±)
1/16 in
Material Used
Tread Plate 3/16 in
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Overhead Cranes
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Yes after each Bend
200 a month
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Approximately 2-3 days after receipt of materials
Delivery Location
Dayton, Ohio
Standard Met
Industry - Metal Service Center Tolerances
Customer Requirements